What gave me a refuge in the theatre as a child is the thing that keeps me there as I grow up-- the opportunity it gives us to slow down and listen. To take life and the people in it for all they are worth. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of living too fast in an effort to live more. The work that inspires me, and the work I create, comes from a desire to look closely, listen deeply, and recognize life as we are living it.

When I’m not on the boards, I’m on the road. My other love, travel, inspires me similarly as the arts. I’ve been lucky enough to be welcomed into and get to know different communities through my travels. I’ve backpacked several countries including Portugal and Denmark, immersed myself in Berlin's theatre scene, road-tripped Ireland, and drove cross country to work outside of a national park at a hundred year old bakery. All the best stories I have are because of the people in them.

artist's statement