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 Allie Novell


Meet Allie

Howdy, I'm Allie. 
I'm an NYC based actor who recently graduated with my BFA from Rutgers University Mason Gross. I spent my teenagehood in Florida, which had me driving sometimes five hours a day listening to David Sedaris on Audible to get from one rehearsal to another (Florida is vast, yall) before I waved goodbye to Mickey and left the swamp early in order to attend UNC School of the Arts. 

I’ve driven across the country to work in towns so rural that they have more bears than residents, I've climbed up ten thousand foot mountains, jumped down from planes thousands of feet high, and have backpacked multiple countries.

I'm a clown who leads heart first. 

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Dead End by Sydney Kingsley

Director: Colette Robert

SM: Tashi Quiones

Costume: Claire Lippincott

Lighting: Grace Lee

Sound: Karin Graybash

Photographer: Matt Pilsner

The Rehearsal by Georges Villiers (Duke of Buckingham, 1672)

Adapted and Directed by: Christopher Cartmill

Lighting Design: Colleen Doherty

Scenic Design: Shane Erickson

Costume Design: Brian Mulligan

Photo Credit: T. Charles Erickson

Cowboy Mouth

Director: Jesse Mclaughlin


Director Knud Adams

Costume Designer: Lauren K. McLoughlin

Scenic Designer: Lee Savage

Lighting Designer: Sarah Woods

Sound Designer: Karin Graybash

Photographer: Matt Pilsner

The Winter's Tale

Performed at Shakespeare's Globe

Director: Nicole Charles

Assistant Director: Christine Schmidle

Stage Manager/Costumes: Cait Whitaker

Music Director: Joe Atkins

Photographer: Diarmaid Browne

Moi Meduse

Costume Designer: Elisabeth Hansen Oen 

Lighting Designer: Cat Cusick

Sound Designer: Käri Berntson 

Director: Danielle Liccardo 

Photographer: Matt Pilsner 

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