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 Allie Novell


Meet Allie

Allie Novell is from Orlando, Florida where she spent her teenage years as a citizen of the theatre performing and apprenticing in many different positions in Orlando's arts community. She relocated to Winston-Salem, NC upon her acceptance into the University of North Carolina School of the Arts for her senior year of high school studying drama. She often returns to UNCSA as a teaching artist for their Summer Intensive Program.
Allie chose to pursue her BFA in Acting from Rutgers University where she completed the Meisner progression under Barbara Marchant and spent a year training at Shakespeare's Globe in London culminating in a production of The Winter's Tale. 

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Dead End by Sydney Kingsley

Director: Colette Robert

SM: Tashi Quiones

Costume: Claire Lippincott

Lighting: Grace Lee

Sound: Karin Graybash

Photographer: Matt Pilsner

The Rehearsal by Georges Villiers (Duke of Buckingham, 1672)

Adapted and Directed by: Christopher Cartmill

Lighting Design: Colleen Doherty

Scenic Design: Shane Erickson

Costume Design: Brian Mulligan

Photo Credit: T. Charles Erickson

Cowboy Mouth

Director: Jesse Mclaughlin


Director Knud Adams

Costume Designer: Lauren K. McLoughlin

Scenic Designer: Lee Savage

Lighting Designer: Sarah Woods

Sound Designer: Karin Graybash

Photographer: Matt Pilsner

The Winter's Tale

Performed at Shakespeare's Globe

Director: Nicole Charles

Assistant Director: Christine Schmidle

Stage Manager/Costumes: Cait Whitaker

Music Director: Joe Atkins

Photographer: Diarmaid Browne

Moi Meduse

Costume Designer: Elisabeth Hansen Oen 

Lighting Designer: Cat Cusick

Sound Designer: Käri Berntson 

Director: Danielle Liccardo 

Photographer: Matt Pilsner 

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